Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 7 of California, 29th July

In the morning I had picked up a strange call in the morning, which resembled a Mole Cricket. To my surprise it had turned out to be a Raven.

Bewick's Wren was very favorable today ignoring the lack of sun, with some very close individuals. A juvenile Spotted Towhee also popped up in the same area as did a pair of soaring Ravens (an act that American Crows do not participate in).

A Oak Titmouse came down to the grass, which was not typical of this tree-foraging species. To add to this, a flock of 20+ Bushtit was very obliging, both males (dark eyes) and females (white eyes), and in the sun too.

And I also picked up a Grey Hairstreak twice, which happens to be from a group of very elusive butterflies due to their largely tree-top living habits and their small size. As a bonus it even opened its wings a little, which they rarely do.

 The last occurences for the day were a Red-tailed Hawk high up and a apparently herbivorous American Crow.

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