Monday, July 7, 2014


1340 was the number of images I shot today while on a mini birding tour through Angeles Crest with Dan Cooper and Dean Schaff. The trip consisted of stops at various places along the San Gabriel Mountains, and since I was rather lacking in montane species it would have been about as hard as seeing a Lawrence's goldfinch in terms of not to add anything to the list.

Speaking of Lawrence's goldfinch I think this is a tad better than the speck I posted before.

There were a few casual birds throughout the trip that managed to vanish before our eyes various times. Story of my life. No wonder I can never see them, they just teleport all the time.

Since I don't have a huge amount of time because of sorting through 1340 pictures, don't expect too much creative writing from the remainder of this post. Most of these pictures suffer compression as a result to being uploaded on here, so don't point fingers if they don't look as sharp as they should be.

Switzer Falls
Western grey squirrel

Charlton Flat
White-headed woodpecker
White-headed woodpecker

Eriastrum densifolium
 Buckhorn Campground
Merriam's chipmunk. Damn birds can't pose this well can they?
Brown creeper. (It's there somewhere, I promise).
Lilium parryi
Dusky flycatcher. This wins the sarcastic reward for "Best Placed Branch".
Green-tailed towhee
Green-tailed towhee
Green-tailed towhee

I may add more photos later, I just picked some random highlights off the top of my head.

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