Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birds Do Forget

When you've been around birds enough you have some odd experiences. Here is one of them.

So there's a Bullock's oriole up in a tree. It very clearly sees me walk up to the tree, in fact it interrupts its feeding to glare at me for a few seconds (and trust me its pretty obvious when a bird is looking at you and knows you are there). So then it continues feeding, [insert 4 minutes of observation here] and then it apparently forgets I'm there.

I say that because it flies down to a branch right in front of my face, freezes, freaks out because it sees me close, and darts off a few trees down and then never lets me get close ever again. But it knew I was there originally, so surely this never should have happened. If you are picking weeds from the garden and see a bee's nest in the tree nearby, you are not going to get up after picking the dandelions and then walk straight into the bee's nest because you forgot it was there. (And yes you'd probably run away as soon as you saw the bee's nest but still).*

 Happens this one is a pretty bird to look at too.

It's an earwig. Yum.

*I was previously going to use an adder on a path as an example but no one in California knows what that is so...

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