Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I ranna long way when I saw the shine.

Something about this Anna's Hummingbird was different to the others.

1. It was tame.
2. It somehow managed to sit at the perfect position in a perfect angle with perfect fluency (with a degree so accurate that not even that famous guy named Einstein could calculate it with any variation of mc^2) to the sun.

Number 1 isn't too uncommon, but number 2 is. And a combination of the two is very unusual (at least for me). I took a lot of pictures, and I know not all of these are the best examples of that pose in my pretty fair-sized amalgamation of pixels. I didn't have the patience to go through 200 pictures to find the sharpest ones, so I picked the ones that seemed focused enough at first glance.

This is what the other 95% of my Anna shots resemble. You almost wouldn't consider
them to be the same bird.

Extreme portrait!

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